Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Woodwinds Health Campus

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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The Critical Care Center (commonly referred to as the ICU) was designed especially for critically ill patients who need around-the-clock care, monitoring or treatment.

Contact the ICU

For family spokesperson and emergency calls, contact the Critical Care Center/ICU Nursing Station at 651-232-0132.

For non-emergent calls, contact the Critical Care Center/ICU waiting room at 651-232-0671.

Knowing the status of a loved one is important. To support communication between the ICU staff and each patient's family, we offer these recommendations:

  • Appoint a family spokesperson to relay updates to other family members. Multiple requests and phone calls to the ICU reduce staff time to care for patients.
  • Please encourage family and friends to contact the spokesperson for updates.
  • Updates may happen as conditions change - in these cases, ICU staff will seek out the spokesperson and family if present at the hospital.
  • The ICU staff may schedule a family conference to give updates. It may be important for all decision-makers to be present. Conferences may include multiple doctors, social workers or spiritual care chaplains.

Healing arts therapies

To aid in recovery, Woodwinds offers patients a variety of healing arts therapies during their stay at no cost. The therapies available include the use of essential oils, guided imagery, healing touch, acupressure and massage. Music therapy is also used at Woodwinds, and we invite patients and families to bring a favorite CD or cassette that can be played in their room.

Visiting guidelines

ICU staff works hard to provide a caring atmosphere that promotes the fastest possible recovery. Family members and loved ones play an important part in that recovery. For this reason, we don't limit visiting to certain hours. Visitors should, however, respect the patient's need for rest, which is an essential part of the healing process.

When visiting a patient in the ICU:

  • Please check with the nurse before entering a room. A drawn curtain usually indicates a treatment is in progress and privacy is necessary.
  • You may be asked to step out of the room if immediate care is necessary.
  • Flowers and latex balloons are not allowed in the ICU. Mylar balloons are acceptable.
  • Changes in visiting guidelines are at the discretion of the doctor or nurse. Feel free to discuss individual needs with the nurse.

Accommodations for family

Each ICU room is designed with overnight accommodations for family members or loved ones.

Additionally, there are a number of hotels located near Woodwinds Health Campus. Some have arranged special room rates for Woodwinds visitors. For details and rates, please contact the hotels directly. Rates are subject to change.