The Woodwinds Environment

Woodwinds Health Campus

Exceptional care in a private oasis.
Woodwinds Health Campus

The Woodwinds Environment

Learn about our patient rooms

At Woodwinds, all patient rooms are private and spacious. This calming and comfortable environment is vital to your medical recovery.

At the touch of a button, you can use a remote control to:

  • Contact your nurse
  • Operate the TV, radio and DVD player
  • Dim the lights
  • Control your room temperature
  • Adjust your bed


If you’re sensitive to bright light, there are several different types of lighting to accommodate your needs.

Television channels

In addition to local and cable TV stations, we offer our own Woodwinds health care education and spiritual care channels.

A place for families

Family members and friends play an important role in the healing process. They are welcome to stay overnight with patients when appropriate. Family Space rooms include a sleeper-sofa with storage underneath. Maternity Care rooms feature a recliner-style chair that pulls out into a bed.

If you arrive to visit a patient after 8 pm, check in at the Emergency Department welcome desk.

Photos of the Woodwinds environment


Maternity Care room


Fireplace in Towne Center


Aerial photo of the Woodwinds labyrinth


Explore our indoor spaces

Our hospital and outpatient center are designed for your comfort, privacy and family involvement.

Welcome Center

If you need assistance upon arriving, please visit our Welcome Center located inside our main entrance.

Take a seat in the spacious waiting area near our front doors. Listen to volunteers playing piano in the Towne Center, enjoy the natural sunlight pouring in through floor-to-ceiling windows, and greet loved ones arriving at the hospital.

In addition to our main waiting area, each level of the hospital has resting spaces for patients and visitors. There’s a waiting room near the elevators and a day room at both ends of the floor.

Day rooms

Our patients and visitors enjoy the cozy comfort of our restful day rooms. Relax in front of the fireplace or enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding wetlands. Books, magazines, games and puzzles are available to help you pass the time.

Located on the north and south end of each floor, day rooms are available anytime you need them.

Towne Center

The Towne Center is located just below our main waiting area and Welcome Center. Patients, visitors, hospital staff and volunteers gather there to:

  • Listen to afternoon and evening piano performances
  • Enjoy nice days on our three-season patio
  • Find access to our outdoor healing gardens and walking paths
  • Warm up by the fireplace in the winter months

John G. Fee Education Center

The John G. Fee, MD Education Center, which includes community education seminars and the auditoriums and conference rooms on the Woodwinds campus, are a tribute to Dr. Fee’s passion for caring and service, his dedication to lifelong learning, and commitment to providing education and resources for employees, patients and families.

Find peace in the great outdoors

Healing gardens

Visit the healing gardens of Woodwinds. Enjoy the picturesque wetlands that surround the hospital and nurture your spirit with nature. A natural extension of the healing environment, our gardens and paths are thoughtfully planned to encourage reflection and mediation.

You're welcome to visit all of our gardens anytime. Gardens include:

  • Sensory Garden
  • Oak Savanna
  • Moonlight Garden
  • Wildflower Meadow
  • Sumac Ridge
  • Tribute Garden


The labyrinth at Woodwinds is a peaceful, quiet and healing space for our patients, visitors, employees and community members. Labyrinths have served as symbols of hope, healing and spirit for thousands of years in many world cultures. Learn more about the history of labyrinths.

People often walk a labyrinth when they are dealing with a spiritual question, or situations that are of concern. By the time they reach the center and move out again, many people have a sense of direction, peace or the beginning of an answer.

You're welcome to use the Woodwinds labyrinth at any time.

How to walk the labyrinth

There are two paths into the center. The path on the left is a shorter journey while the path on the right meanders more slowly. The center is a place for quiet reflection. When you are ready to leave, you may retrace the path you walked, or follow the other path out.

These practices may help you get the most out of your labyrinth journey:

  • Walk at your own pace
  • Pause for rest or reflection
  • Share the path with others
  • Repeat a word, phrase or prayer while you walk
  • Clear your mind and become aware of your breathing
  • Maintain silence throughout your walk and when others are walking
  • Practice mindful walking by becoming aware of sights, sounds and sensations
  • Bring into the labyrinth a question of conflict for which you seek insightful guidance
  • Reflect through meditation, writing or drawing when you have completed your walk
  • Remember that each labyrinth walk is unique - different for each person and different from the time before

The labyrinth at Woodwinds was provided by a generous gift made through HealthEast Foundation.