Woodwinds' Philosophy, Vision & Values

Woodwinds Health Campus

Exceptional care in a private oasis.
Woodwinds Health Campus

Woodwinds' Philosophy, Vision & Values

At Woodwinds Health Campus, a member of HealthEast, we've created an unprecedented healing environment centered around the needs of our patients and their families. We know that privacy, respect and empathy are extremely important during your hospital stay.

Philosophy of care

Woodwinds places the needs of those we serve above our own. Our compassionate service philosophy supports our commitment to extraordinary patient care.

Woodwinds' Compassionate Service Promise is:

Exceeding customers' expectations through caring and compassionate service
is our privilege and our promise.

Holistic care model

Our philosophy of holistic care recognizes and respects the role of individuals and their families in the health care experience. At Woodwinds, we partner to:

  • Support families in their natural caregiving roles
  • Promote normal patterns of living 
  • Offer collaboration and choices in a healing environment

Patient-centered care

Woodwinds’ patient-centered care experience begins the minute you walk in the door. The spacious main entry and wide facility corridor easily guides patients to the area of service they need, without waiting in an admitting department. Our "point of service" system was designed to make patients as comfortable as possible, as quickly as possible.

Our private patient rooms are designed with specific zones for caregivers, patients and families. This design allows caregivers to remain close to patients while still providing privacy. Our unique model allows caregivers and patients to form relationships and build trust—an important part of the healing process.

Woodwinds' Vision, Values, Purpose and Principles

Everyone who works at Woodwinds Health Campus is committed to our official vision and values.


To be the innovative, unique and preferred resource for health by fundamentally creating the health care experience in a way that has not been done before.


  • Compassionate service
  • Ethical practice
  • Meaningful collaboration
  • Human potential


  • Promote health and healing of body, mind and spirit for all, through relationships, choices and learning.

Guiding Principles

  • Deliver patient- and family-centered care that encourages and supports active involvement in one's own health care
  • Promote a seamless system that truly supports an environment of customer service, maximizing the collaborative nature of the campus
  • Use all resources responsibly, remembering the impact on the overall financial health of the organization
  • Challenge the status quo and apply innovative thinking by continuously embracing and implementing change
  • Create and sustain a healing environment that promotes health and quality of life in harmony with nature and spiritual awareness
  • Foster choice by providing a spectrum of care with integration of select complementary approaches to health and well-being
  • Improve the health of the community by actively partnering to identify and address their priority needs
  • Create a culture supporting individual well-being, fostering equal and respectful relationships and responding to the challenges of the future
  • Serve as a learning laboratory for sponsor organizations, integrating new systems and processes and using existing systems where appropriate
  • Apply the efficiencies of ambulatory/outpatient services to systems and processes across the entire campus