Women's Care is a Special Focus of New Maplewood Medical Complex

When the HealthEast Clinic and Specialty Center - Maplewood was built, it was with women in mind.

“There’s a wide range of knowledge and providers that are really focused on women’s health,” said Dr. Laura France, senior medical director for women and children. “We provide services from when girls start having periods right through menopause.”

All in one place, which is so convenient.

You can get your annual exams and tests, treatment for an infection and advice about contraception. If you’d like to be a mom, we can help with everything from fertility issues to breastfeeding. As you get older, those changing hormones might be your priority for us.

But we also take a little different approach to women’s care, which is rooted in the midwife tradition. HealthEast has the largest midwife practice in the Twin Cities, and many people don’t realize they do much more than deliver babies or that they treat women holistically.

walk-in care provider wrapping wrist

“It’s putting the woman at the center of their care, trying to learn who she is as a person, looking at the whole woman – not just the pelvic exam,” said Dr. France. For example, “how does stress relate to periods or depression relate to pregnancy?”  

Midwives also tend to have long-time relationships with patients: “They want to take care of that woman now and 6 years from now and 12 years from now and 20 years from now.”

Another convenience of the new clinic is you can get a mammogram or other tests right there, avoiding a drive to another facility.

“That 20-week pregnant patient, she can have her ultrasound and her OB appointment follow each other,” said Dr. France. “If someone gets seen and has an enlarged uterus, we can send her right to radiology. If someone needs blood work, she can get it done right there. If she needs her annual appointment and a mammogram, she can have those done on the same day.”

The new building also has pediatricians, family medicine doctors and almost any specialist you can name for your older parents. After all, when we’re looking at you as a whole woman, we can see you probably have other people to take care of, too.

HealthEast Clinic and Specialty Center in Maplewood

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