Spider Veins & Treatments


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Spider Veins & Treatments

Spider veins are tiny veins that are red, blue or purple in color. Like varicose veins, spider veins can occur when valves in the leg veins are not working properly. The majority of these veins are considered a cosmetic problem. To treat spider veins we offer laser vein therapy.

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Laser vein therapy

Laser vein therapy uses a laser to reduce the appearance of spider veins. It is quick, safe and effective – and doesn't require injections. It is generally performed on the legs and face, but can be performed on all parts of the body.

Laser vein therapy delivers pulses of light energy to spider veins, causing blood within the vein to gel. The vein is destroyed and, in time, it is reabsorbed by the body.

The number of treatments necessary depends on the number, color and size of the veins being treated. Most patients require at least three to four treatments.

You should not have laser vein therapy if you:

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have tattoos
  • Are on blood thinners
  • Have an active cold sore

What to expect

Treatment is given by a nurse certified and specially trained in laser therapy. First, you will be given protective eyewear to wear during the laser treatment. You will feel a cold sensation over the area to be treated. When the laser shines on the skin, you will experience a stinging sensation.

After treatment, some patients experience minor discomfort, redness and slight bruising. To help reduce swelling and redness, apply cold packs as needed for five to ten minutes every one to two hours after treatment. Acetaminophen may be used for discomfort, if necessary.

The area might be raised after treatment. This will resolve over time.

After treatment it is important to:

  • Wear SPF 30 or greater on all treated areas that are exposed to the sun.
  • Do not exercise heavily for 2 to 3 days after treatment.
  • Wear compression socks/dressing for 2 to 3 days following treatment.
  • NOT soak in a warm bath, sauna or hot tub for the 2 to 3 days following treatment.

The majority of veins treated with laser therapy show improvement within two to six weeks of treatment. However, your final results may not be apparent for several months. Over time it is possible for new veins to appear. These new veins can be treated as needed.

You must wait 4 to 6 weeks between treatments. We recommend at least two treatments for optimal results.