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Supplier Forms & Policies



Vendor representative policies


New products

All products, services and equipment purchased by HealthEast facilities must be approved through the HealthEast Value Analysis Program, Pharmacy and Therapeutics' Committee, or Purchasing department. The HealthEast Purchasing department should be contacted for information.

  • All products submitted to HealthEast for evaluation or trial will be provided at no cost unless authorized by the Purchasing department or Corporate Director Pharmacy prior to use. HealthEast will not access a charge for products provided at no cost.
  • All items processed for return and/or credit not picked up within 30 days following the date the vendor is notified will become the property of HealthEast at no charge. The HealthEast Purchasing department will be responsible for appropriate disposition of these items.

HealthEast logo

The HealthEast logo, HealthEast name and the names of HealthEast employees may not be used relative to product promotion without the permission of the System Director of Materials Management.

Medical supplies and equipment

  • All deliveries to HealthEast Hospitals must be processed through the facility's receiving area and reference a valid purchase order number. HealthEast is not responsible for unauthorized orders (orders not placed by, or recognized by the HealthEast Purchasing department). An exception is made when the Purchasing department authorizes deliveries directly to departments. In these cases, the sales representative will forward delivery/receiving paper work to the receiving area after delivery.
  • All equipment brought in for evaluation must reference a Purchase Order issued by the HealthEast Purchasing department and comply with HealthEast Biomedical policy for equipment. The Evaluation Purchase Order must be referenced on all delivery and shipping documents. All equipment brought in for evaluation, including hand delivered items, must be processed through the facility's receiving area.


Every HealthEast vendor must provide general compliance and fraud, waste and abuse training to its employees and any subcontractors within 90 days of the effective date of its agreement with HealthEast, and annually thereafter. This training can be completed by reviewing these CMS materials: Medicare Parts C & D Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training and General Compliance Training.  

In addition, vendors must maintain records evidencing that this training has been provided for no fewer than 10 years, and require any subcontractors to do the same. Such records may be in the form of attestations or training logs.  

Report fraud

Vendors must instruct their employees and subcontractors to report suspected Medicare program violations and fraud, waste and abuse concerns related to the products or services provided to HealthEast to the HealthEast Compliance Hotline at 651-232-5420.