For HealthEast Suppliers

For Suppliers

For Suppliers

For HealthEast Suppliers

At HealthEast, we value our supplier relationships and partnerships. Our suppliers provide essential products and services that support our commitment to providing high quality, compassionate, cost-effective health care. This section of the HealthEast web site has been developed to provide suppliers with important and current information that is necessary to successfully conduct business with HealthEast.

HealthEast takes supplier management seriously and we actively enforce our Supplier policy. Suppliers who do not comply with this and other applicable policies will be prohibited from visiting and/or conducting business with HealthEast facilities.

Key points of our supplier policy are:

  • Suppliers must schedule appointments prior to visiting HealthEast facilities and personnel.
  • Suppliers must sign in at the Information Desk or other designated location when arriving at HealthEast facilities.
  • Suppliers must wear a HealthEast issued identification badge at all times when visiting HealthEast facilities.
  • Suppliers will not leave samples without prior approval from the Purchasing or Pharmacy department.
  • Suppliers will remain knowledgeable of and adhere to HealthEast polices and procedures on the supplier web site.

It is a goal of HealthEast Materials Management to be easy to do business with; therefore, we would appreciate any suggestions or comments that will help us to achieve our goal. Thank you for your cooperation and support of HealthEast.


Tracy Poncin
System Director, Materials Management

HealthEast Materials Management

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