Rehabilitation After Stroke


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Rehabilitation After Stroke

After a stroke, it is important to build strength and confidence so you can continue your daily activities. Your doctor will work with rehabilitation specialists to provide a treatment program specifically suited to you.

Rehabilitation (rehab) begins in the hospital soon after a stroke. For some, it continues at home. Others require more intense rehab, for instance at Bethesda Hospital, or in a nursing home care setting.

What you do in stroke rehab depends on your individual needs. The specialists - including physical, occupational and speech therapists - can assist you with many skills including:

  • Self-care such as feeding, grooming, bathing and dressing
  • Mobility such as transferring or walking
  • Communication in speech or language
  • Cognitive skills such as memory or problem solving
  • Socialization skills including interacting with other people

Bethesda Hospital

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Bethesda is a long-term acute care hospital that offers integrated programs for patients whose illnesses or injuries have long-term effects. We provide care for our patients' physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

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