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St. John's Chapel & Spiritual Care

How do you measure the value of listening to a person's story, holding someone's hand or praying with a patient before surgery? In Spiritual Care, it matters not only what we do, but also how we do it. Being with patients and their families during times of need is our privilege and responsibility.

Spiritual support for all faiths

The Spiritual Care department at HealthEast St. John's Hospital offers compassionate spiritual support to patients and their families during times of illness, surgery and life's many transitions. Our chaplains and volunteers recognize that the spirit needs care to restore health and wellness to the body.

Chaplains offer support to people of all faiths by listening, praying, facilitating communication and helping resolve ethical concerns. A conversation with a chaplain may identify spiritual resources that offer comfort, strength, meaning, reconciliation and hope.

Under the Spiritual Care department, more than 70 trained volunteers visit more than 86 percent of the patients who come to St. John's to offer a caring presence and prayer.

Contact St. John's Spiritual Care

Call 651-232-7000 (or 0 within the hospital), and ask the operator to contact a chaplain.

To leave a message for a chaplain, call 651-232-7060.

Always available

Our hospital chaplains make daily rounds to offer prayer, spiritual and emotional support.

A chaplain is on call at all times and can connect you with a Roman Catholic priest if needed. (Call the hospital operator.)

St. John's Chapel

Our chapel is located on the first floor near the patient elevator and is always open for quiet prayer and meditation.


Our chapel is located on first floor between the cafeteria and the patient tower. The sacred and welcoming environment features stained glass windows and a soothing water element. A faith resource display offers a variety of religious materials.

We invite all patients, family and friends to attend a noon prayer service Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in the chapel. A Catholic Mass is celebrated each Thursday at noon. Chapel services can be viewed in patient rooms on channel 18. Prayer request cards are available inside the chapel entrance.

Sacraments and rituals

A patient or family member's pastor, priest, rabbi or spiritual leader is welcome and encouraged to visit. Members of our Spiritual Care department work closely with ministers in the community to facilitate visits from a patient's own minister during a hospital stay. Contact a chaplain for assistance.

Volunteers from area parishes bring the Eucharist to Catholic patients each day. We encourage Protestant Communion to be brought by the patient's own clergy.

Help for families

Supporting a family member or friend through an illness, surgery or other life adjustment can be exhausting and challenging. When families request help from Spiritual Care, they receive a listening ear and prayerful support for the situation they are facing.

Additional resources

The Spiritual Care department also offers the following resources:

  • Two patient television channels with soothing visuals and sounds of nature
  • Quarterly memorial services