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Behavioral Health Therapy

Behavioral health therapy at the HealthEast Spine Center focuses on helping patients manage the emotional and psychological aspects of their spine condition and pain. Spine conditions and related pain affect a number of areas within a person’s life, and research has shown that behavioral health therapy can help address the impact of pain and provide effective tools to cope with it.

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Spine and Orthopedic education

For ortho/spine education questions, please call 651-232-4498.

If your Spine Care doctor determines that surgical treatment is required, spine surgery is offered at:
St. John's Hospital
St. Joseph's Hospital
Woodwinds Health Campus


Our patients have experienced success by by attending private or group therapy sessions with our psychotherapists.

Erin B. Dykhuizen, LICSW
Licensed Indep. Clinical Social Worker

Sarah Heuser, LICSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

During an individual or group behavioral health therapy session you may:

  • Learn relaxation techniques to help your body promote healing
  • Learn how to adjust to life after an injury or diagnosis
  • Develop coping skills to help with difficult days
  • Focus on managing anxiety related to treatments
  • Develop strategies to maintain hope
  • Learn techniques for getting better sleep
  • Learn to ask for help effectively
  • Learn how to improve communication with your health care providers
  • Find ways to break the cycle of inactivity and depression
  • Explore new ways to build fun into your life
  • Learn how to manage emotional eating that leads to weight gain and more pain
  • Receive emotional support

If you or someone you know could benefit from behavioral health therapy, please talk to your provider or call the HealthEast Spine Center for an appointment.