HealthEast Compliance Program

HealthEast is proud of its reputation of being an organization with a strong culture of corporate compliance. Members of the organization work in an environment where laws and regulations affecting how we deliver and bill for services change on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of every member of the organization, including board members, physicians, employees, volunteers and vendors to act in a manner consistent with all laws and regulations that relate to our business.

It is HealthEast's policy to comply consistently and fully with all laws and regulations pertaining to billing for services rendered which apply to HealthEast on account of its participation in Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs. We are committed to ensuring that every member of the organization has the resources to understand the laws and regulations that affect their responsibilities within HealthEast. To reinforce and strengthen this commitment, HealthEast has developed a Compliance Program.

HealthEast's Compliance Program is a key component in HealthEast's commitment to corporate compliance. The program was designed to assist in preventing, detecting and correcting violations of any law or regulation. It provides guidance to ensure the work of all members of the organization is done in an ethical and legal manner. Every member of the HealthEast organization is instrumental in ensuring that the HealthEast Compliance Program is effective.

Contact HealthEast Compliance

If you have any questions about HealthEast's Compliance Program or if you have a good faith belief of any compliance violation, call HealthEast Compliance at 651-232-5260 for assistance. Or, if you wish to make a confidential inquiry or report, please call HealthEast's confidential Compliance Hotline at 651-232-5420.