Prescription Orthotics


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Prescription Orthotics

Orthotics are inserts worn inside shoes that support the arch, pad painful areas, or otherwise improve foot function. Wearing them as instructed by your podiatrist can play a significant role in the long-term comfort of your feet.

To assure proper fit, you will need to wear them in a shoe that has a removable insole or adjustable tongue. Athletic shoes typically work well. The orthotics may or may not fit well in other types of shoes.

While breaking in your new orthotics, your feet may need time to adjust. This is normal. You will receive additional instructions regarding the break-in period when you pick up your new orthotics.

Making your orthotics

First, a plaster cast or mold is made in the clinic to copy the shape of your feet. The cast is sent to the lab, where trained specialists will hand make the orthotics. When complete, they are returned to the clinic and dispensed to you with wear and care instructions. If you are not able to pick them up within two weeks, we will send the orthotics to you via Federal Express or UPS.

Insurance coverage & orthotics

A typical pair of orthotics can cost more than $600. You should be aware of the potential expense associated with orthotic therapy. Health insurance plans have a wide range of coverage. For specific information about your insurance coverage, you should contact your insurance provider before therapy begins.

Adjusting your orthotics

If your orthotics need to be trimmed or adjusted, follow the instructions that come with the orthotics, or return to the clinic for assistance.

The clinic and orthotic lab will make every effort to adjust the orthotics for your comfort, but since they are customized for your feet alone, they are not returnable. There is also no refund available.

It is important to us that your orthotics are effective. If you are unable to adjust to the new orthotics within six weeks, please call our office and schedule an appointment.

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