New Maplewood Medical Building Has a Pharmacy In It

New Maplewood Medical Building Has a Pharmacy In It

“There are no chairs in the pharmacy,” said Craig Else, pharmacy director. “We intentionally built it without chairs, because we don’t want you to wait.”

The new HealthEast Clinic and Specialty Center - Maplewood opening this month has something most clinics don’t: a pharmacy in the building that gets your medication ready for you before you leave.

You’ve probably experienced this, getting a new prescription filled at a store after a doctor visit: “It’s typically about a 30-minute wait, because you typically bring that piece of paper to the pharmacy and they don’t fill it until you arrive,” Else said. “A typical retail pharmacy fills 200 prescriptions a day, and you’re one of 200 in the queue.”

How about this instead? “As you’re in the clinic visit, the doctor can electronically send that prescription to the pharmacy in the building. By the time you get down there, the prescription should be there and you can pick it up on your way out.”

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With the new medical complex encompassing a family clinic, urgent care, specialists and outpatient surgery, the pharmacy is directly connected to all of your doctors in the building.

Why does that matter? You don’t want to get a prescription, drive all the way to a store and discover only after you get there that your insurance doesn’t cover it.

“The pharmacy then needs to call the doctor and get one covered by your insurance. It typically takes a couple three days to hear back from the doctor, and you have to keep checking,” Else said. “We enter it and notice right away it’s not covered by your insurance, and we can get the doctor immediately.”

The chance for your doctor and pharmacist to work together is also critical to getting you healthier quicker.  
“If you were a diabetic today, there’s no store that can know what your blood sugar is,” Else pointed out. “We not only do, but will partner with your physician to make sure your blood sugar goes down. Does any retail pharmacy check your blood pressure to see if your medication is working month after month? We can make sure that your drugs are working. We want you to be healthy, not just sell you prescriptions or toothpaste.”

The pharmacy is open to the entire community in addition to HealthEast patients, which is one reason we included a drive-through. Stop by 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday or 9 am to 3 pm on weekends.

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