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Referrals & Second Opinions

When you have a life-threatening and complex condition, you want the greatest level of experience and expertise in treating it. Sometimes the right treatment is available in your own area. In other cases, you may wish to seek out doctors and hospitals that have specialized expertise in neurosurgery, like those at HealthEast.

If your situation is not an emergency, you have time to research your options and decide on your best course of action. Remember, you have the right to ask your doctor questions and to get a second opinion before you proceed with treatment. No surgery is risk-free, so you want to make sure you thoroughly understand the treatment your doctor is recommending and his or her expertise in performing it.

Ask your doctor

Before you have surgery, here are some questions to discuss with your doctor or surgeon:

  • Is the surgery really necessary? Is there some other way to treat my condition?
  • How often does this type of surgery help my kind of problem? How much does it help?
  • Where will the surgery be performed?
  • How much experience does the surgeon have with this procedure?
  • How much experience does the hospital have with this procedure?
  • What complications or side effects might I have?
  • What is the hospital's experience in intensive care for neurological conditions?

Get a second opinion

A second opinion is when another doctor gives his or her judgment about your diagnosis and recommended treatment. Your doctor or surgeon should not object if you want to get a second opinion. For some types of surgery, your health insurer may require one. You may need to check to see if your health plan will cover second opinions.

We are available for diagnosis and treatment of conditions that require neurosurgery, including brain tumors, spine disorders and pituitary tumors.

Patients should bring their scanned images such as MRI, CT, angiogram, myelogram, and plain films with to their appointment.

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Second opinions

If you're seeking a second opinion, please give us a call. (Second opinions are not provided via online requests.) We will be happy to have one of our specialists contact you to discuss your request.