Hospice Services & Team


Support and comfort during life-limiting illness.

Hospice Services & Team

We are here to comfort and support patients and their families.

  • Physical, emotional and spiritual care is provided by experienced professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both regular visits and on-call services are available.
  • Families are taught methods of administering care for their loved one in comfortable and familiar surroundings.
  • Care can be provided in a private home, an assisted living setting, care center or a private pay residential hospice facility.
  • Basic medical supplies, equipment and medications related to the life-limiting illness are provided.
  • Short-term hospitalization is available if there is a medical crisis that is unmanageable at home.
  • Respite care is offered to family members, as needed, for up to five days.
  • Bereavement support and resources for adults, teens and children are provided, continuing 13 months after the conclusion of hospice needs.

Spiritual Care

At HealthEast Hospice, we don't just focus on physical care. We also know the importance of offering spiritual care for patients and their families. We emphasize and reinforce a connectedness to self, family, community and spirituality. We help the patient and family to review life and prepare for the future.

It is the patient's choice whether or not they wish to receive spiritual care. If the patient chooses not to receive it, spiritual care is still available to the family. Spiritual care can take many different forms depending on the patient's needs and desires.

We are respectful of all faith backgrounds and have four chaplains who offer their services to those of any faith. Each of our chaplains has gone through Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). CPE training gives them the education and resources they need to better provide spiritual care in a health care setting.

Bereavement services

Our bereavement services team provides grief support to our patients and their families. We have experience working with adults, teens and children to help them through the bereavement process. Because children and teens require different services than adults, we have a specialized staff member dedicated to work with them, both before and after their loved one's death.

After the patient's death, we continue to stay in contact with the family for 13 months. We understand that each person's grief and needs are unique. Bereavement staff and volunteers make periodic phone calls to families to offer emotional support. Mailings throughout the year provide grief information and grief support group offerings. Grief support is also available in the form of home visits and counseling.

We offer adult grief support groups and a "Coping with Grief at the Holidays" program. We also work with the Hospice Coalition of the Greater Twin Cities Area, which offers a monthly Young Widowed Grief Support Group.

Each year, we hold a Celebration of Life memorial program to remember hospice patients who have died during the past year and to honor those who cared for them. Invitations are extended to families.

Hospice Classes


Coffee & Conversation for the Newly Bereaved

This is a time for you to talk about what is on your mind with others who understand. Grief education and ideas about how to cope will be covered. Date &...


Everybody Grieves: Adult Grief Education

Learn how to better understand what grief is and how to cope with the stress of grieving after the death of a loved one. This is a class, not a support...


Spouse Loss Support Group

When you are on the journey of grief, it is often helpful to seek the support of others. This group is intended for people who are grieving the death of...


Writing for Reflection, Remembrance and Renewal

In this writing series, you will safely explore your feelings of grief through writing. Give voice to your inner wisdom and write about what matters most...

Social services

Social workers are integral members of the care team. They are available for individual and family counseling to address any concerns you or a loved one has while receiving hospice care.

Social workers can also assist in finding resources for equipment, transportation, financing and home care.

Hospice team members

At HealthEast Hospice, we use a team approach and focus on communication. Our interdisciplinary Hospice team works with patients and families to create a plan of care, making sure everyone receives all of the care, support and information they need.

While each patient has unique needs, a Hospice care team may include:

  • Attending Physician
  • Hospice Medical Director
  • Hospice Pharmacist
  • Hospice Director
  • Patient Care Coordinator
  • Case Manager RN
  • Visit Nurse
  • On-call RN
  • Home Health Aides
  • Social Worker
  • Dietitian
  • Hospice Volunteer Coordinator
  • Hospice Volunteer
  • Long-term Care Facility Staff
  • Inpatient Staff
  • The Pillars Staff (Hospice House)
  • Pastoral Care Coordinator
  • Coordinator of Bereavement Services
  • Hospice Chaplain


Martha Ording, MD
Palliative Care

Make a difference as a hospice volunteer

Volunteers are an integral part of the Hospice care team. They offer a gentle presence, a helping hand and a compassionate ear.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Hospice volunteer: 651-232-3412
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Our greatest need

We welcome all who are interested in volunteering, but our current greatest needs include:
- Music volunteers
- Military veteran volunteers
- Male volunteers
- Weekend volunteers for our Pillars Hospice Home located in Oakdale