Cardiac Rehabilitation Program


It's time to get heart smart.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Our nationally certified cardiac rehabilitation program will help you recover after your heart attack, heart surgery or heart condition so you can return to your full, productive life as quickly as possible. Most patients can return to their usual activities within a few weeks after a heart attack or heart surgery.

Heart rehabilitation improves the recovery process, increases physical fitness and reduces the risk or severity of another heart attack. Our rehabilitation staff monitors and coordinates your care during your recovery. The cardiac rehabilitation team includes your doctor, occupational therapists, nurses, exercise physiologists, dietitians, social workers and chaplains. All phases require a physician's referral.

Rehabilitation phases

  • Phase I begins in the hospital and is an interdisciplinary program of gradually increasing exercise and education during your hospitalization. The focus is on your safe return to home activities.
  • Phase II occurs shortly after discharge. It is a monitored outpatient program designed to build strength and endurance and identify risk factors. An individualized exercise and education program is developed to assist you with life-long risk factor management.
  • Phase III encourages long-term, heart healthy routines. Through a supervised exercise program, it monitors, reinforces and promotes the ongoing exercise habits learned in Phase II. It also provides continuing support and encourages changes necessary to maintain a healthier heart.

For heart failure patients

For heart failure (HF) patients, HealthEast hospitals offer a unique, individualized rehabilitation program.

The Heart Failure Rehabilitation Program combines a medically supervised exercise program with education on symptoms, medication and diet to help you live a healthier life.