HealthEast Opens One-Stop-Shop for Medical Care in Maplewood

HealthEast Opens One-Stop-Shop for Medical Care in Maplewood

October 2, 2017

It’s time for the baby’s checkup, and your son needs his allergy shot. You’ve been meaning to take care of those varicose veins from your first pregnancy. Somehow, there’s been no time to schedule that mammogram. And now your dad’s arthritis is acting up, so he needs a ride to see a specialist.

What if you could drive the whole family to one place to get all that taken care of? With the new HealthEast Clinic and Specialty Center - Maplewood opening this month at 2945 Hazelwood Street in Maplewood, it’s possible. Getting your tests and medications just got easier, too. Not to mention that all the care-givers there can work together for your health.

HealthEast Clinic and Specialty Center in Maplewood

On the first floor, the new building has a family clinic, urgent care and a pharmacy. The second floor will be packed with every kind of specialist you might need, and outpatient surgery will be on the third floor.

“It will be less lugging of children around, car seats and diaper bags, especially in the winter months or if it’s raining out,” said clinic manager Erin Bohnen. “It’ll be much nicer to not have to go place to place.”

That also helps patients who have trouble getting around.

“A lot of our elderly patients use Metro Mobility,” Bohnen said. “This reduces their transportation between different facilities, and they can get everything in one building.”

For example, if someone came to the clinic for a physical and their blood sugar was high, they could go upstairs to see a diabetes educator. If their hearing seems not as sharp as it was, they could go upstairs to get tested by an audiologist and get a hearing aid.

Not only will it be easier having all your appointments in one medical building, it should be quicker and easier while you’re there.

“If we have a podiatry patient and they’re needing an x-ray, they’ll send you down the stairs to get it,” said Heather Beadles, director of clinic operations. “By the time that patient is back upstairs, that x-ray will be sent to the podiatrist in the exam room.”

An on-site lab means a patient can get their blood drawn first, so their doctor has the results when their appointment starts. An on-site pharmacy means the doctor can send a prescription right from your exam room and get it filled for you before you leave.

“Our goal is to make sure we’re taking the burden off of the patients,” Beadles said. “The goal is to make it as hassle-free as possible. We will pick up the phone and make it happen.”

HealthEast VP Eric Nelson looks at the new building as an opportunity to “create simplicity.”

“What we know about patients is that they want it to be simple to navigate through a very complex system,” Nelson said. “It’s the idea of a patient needing a referral to a specialist, and the provider walking that person upstairs to introduce them.”