HealthEast brings health care to East Metro's largest youth sports center

April 26, 2017 — The Bielenberg Sports Center in Woodbury is a place some families visit three or four times a week. It's almost a second home if you have kids in sports. As the largest multi-use sports center in the East Metro, families come for soccer, hockey, football, baseball, softball and lacrosse. Other families bring their kids for the free outdoor skating in winter or the 16,000-square-foot playground in the warmer months.

Now HealthEast, the leading health-care provider in the East Metro, will bring health education, health screenings and healthy activities to the more than 360,000 people who visit the center annually.

The Woodbury City Council approved the plan Wednesday night. It calls for HealthEast to contribute $126,785 a year for 14 years to the center. The city can use the money to continue supporting active lifestyles and HealthEast can do community outreach at the center.

It's HealthEast's mission to keep families well, not just treat them when they're sick. "We have always invested in keeping our communities healthy," said Tracy Miland, Vice President of Strategy, Customer Experience and Marketing. "Partnering with the sports center, we can impact so many more lives."
"One of the things busy families tell us is that we need to bring health care to them, to the places where they spend time, where it's convenient for their lives," Miland said. "Families from all across the Twin Cities come to the sports center."

No decisions have been made yet about how Woodbury will use the $1.77 million, but the city plans to receive community input. "There is no timeline in place for this process; however, it will include a public comment period for residents to share their ideas," said Woodbury City Administrator Clint Gridley. "Details for how you can get involved will be available via the city's InTouch email notification system, posted on the city's website and distributed to local media."

Originally named for the first mayor of Woodbury, the center will be renamed the HealthEast Sports Center with the blessing of the Bielenberg family. HealthEast will not have a permanent clinic at the sports center and the Summit Orthopedics clinic will remain there. At the end of the 14-year agreement, HealthEast would have the option to extend for five more years.

Here are some things you may not know about the sports center:

  • It serves the entire region, with families coming from far beyond Woodbury for their kids to participate in games and tournaments.
  • The East Metro's first handicap-accessible playground is there, allowing children of all abilities to play with each other.
  • It has 36 athletic fields, a refrigerated outdoor skating rink, a 90,000-square-foot multi-use fieldhouse and two indoor ice arenas.
  • Three high-school hockey teams call it home.

Sports Center Building

Sports Center Field

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