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Guided by a rich, faith-based heritage and focused on the future.
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About Mounds-Midway School of Nursing

From 1907 to 1983, 2,327 nurses graduated from the three-year Mounds-Midway School of Nursing diploma program. These nurses serve their mission of healing around the world. Many graduates served as cadets in World War II, as missionaries worldwide and in the military.

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To obtain a copy of your transcripts, call the HealthEast Benefits Service Center at 651-232-1575.


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Our mission

To promote interest, friendship and camaraderie through the annual meeting, luncheon, newsletter and other special events, and to promote nursing education by funding and awarding scholarships.

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Mounds Park Hospital

In 1906, they broke ground for Mounds Park Sanitarium, and in 1909, the first class of nurses graduated from the Christian-based School of Nursing. Throughout the years, Mounds Park Hospital housed and educated nursing students and served the health care needs of St. Paul's east side community.

Midway Hospital

Midway Hospital served the Twin Cities for 70 years from 1927 to 1997. After closing the hospital, HealthEast transformed the building into a corporate office building.

Mounds-Midway Alumni Association officers


Alumni Association scholarships and awards

  • Alumnus of the Year Award

    The Mounds-Midway Alumni Association (MMAA) requests nominations for an alumni association award celebrating of the achievements of outstanding alumni who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and leadership. The annual award recognizes and celebrates those who are contributing to the mission of the MMSN and Alumni Association by contributing to their profession.

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    Submit nominations to the Alumni Association Board by March 1:

    • By email to: charmsrn@comcast.net
    • Or mail to: Mounds Midway Alumni Association, 1700 University Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104

    A subgroup of the board will review nominations and recommend to the board the nominee selected for Alumnus of the Year. The award winner will be announced at the annual May MMAA luncheon.

    Email Carol Harms for more information.

  • Mounds-Midway Alumni Association scholarship awards

    The Mounds-Midway Alumni Association (MMAA) awards up to three scholarships annually, provided through the generosity of the alumni. In 2016 we expanded the eligibility of those who can apply for the scholarships. First priority will be given to MMSN alumni for continuing their education. Second priority will be to award scholarships to children of MMSN alumni for nursing or health care education. Awards are paid directly to the college, university or parish nurse program and will be applied toward tuition only.

    Download a scholarship application here. The annual application deadline is March 1, and the scholarships will be awarded every year at the May MMAA luncheon.

    Alumni donations fund the scholarships. Donations and memorial gifts can be mailed to Mounds-Midway Alumni Association, 1700 University Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104.

Mounds-Midway School of Nursing Historical timeline

  • 1900 to 1909

    • The Mounds Park Sanitarium established at Indian Mounds Park
    • The school of nursing opens with two students
    • The dormitory at Mounds Park Hospital opens
    • The first class graduates on November 24, 1909
  • 1910 to 1919

    • The Minnesota State Board of Nurse Examiners accepts MMSN in 1912
    • The first missionary nurse from Mounds-Midway graduated in 1911
    • Ten graduates enrolled in the military for WWI
    • Midway opened on December 17, 1919 at 389 Snelling Avenue
  • 1920 to 1929

    • The second Midway Cobb Hospital opens in Merriam Park at Cleveland and Iglehart
    • The dormitory moves to 222 Earl Street at Mounds Park Hospital
    • A dormitory, called the Midway Cottage, opens at Midway: 410 Aldine Street
    • The third Midway Hospital opens at 1700 University Avenue on July 25, 1926
    • Maud Guest becomes the school's first full-time instructress
    • In 1929, the hospital develops an affiliation with Children's Hospital for pediatric experience
  • 1930 to 1939

    • Carolyn Krueger is hired in 1933, and is the first faculty member with a BA degree (Wheaton College)
  • 1940 to 1949

    • As of March 1, 1944, the black stockings are eliminated
    • The new dormitory at 230 Earl Street opens for Mounds Park in 1945
    • The new dormitory for Midway Hospital opens at 1709 Shields Street
    • In 1949, the Hamline Division is developed by Alice Brethorst and Daphne Rolfe
    • The school's pin and uniform changes for the Hamline University Nursing School
  • 1950 to 1959

    • A new dormitory is dedicated on September 11, 1951 at 425 Aldine Street
    • The school of nursing continues through Hamline University
    • In 1958, Mounds-Midway School of Nursing is reactivated with a new pin, uniform and brochure
    • Scholarships and awards, such as the Lamplighter and WAMM, established
    • An Alumni Museum opens at the Mounds Park dormitory
  • 1960 to 1969

    • The last Hamline division class graduated in 1960
    • In 1962, faculty offices move to 435 Aldine Street
    • A new hospital is built at Mounds Park in 1962
    • Dr. Lois Anderson teaches first televised course in 1962
  • 1970 to 1979

    • The first male students admitted in 1972
    • In 1975 students were bused to Bethel College for liberal arts courses
    • In 1977 the Mounds dormitory closes
  • 1980 to 1989

    • The last class of Mounds-Midway School of Nursing is admitted in 1980 and graduates in 1983
    • Midway Hospital merges into HealthEast in 1986, adopting the HealthEast logo and mission statement
  • 1990 to 1999

    • The Mounds-Midway School of Nursing museum opens in 1992 at Midway Hospital
    • Midway Hospital closes on January 15, 1997
    • The 425 Aldine dormitory building is demolished in 1998
    • The 1709 Shields Street dormitory becomes the Friendship House
  • 2000 to present

    • Historical Museum moved to main floor of Midway in 2003
    • Book "This Cap of White" by Daniel John Hoisington written to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Mounds-Midway School of Nursing
    • Midway and HealthEast merged with Fairview in 2017
    • The Mounds-Midway Historical Museum closed in 2017
    • Museum artifacts were donated to Bethel University, Minnesota History Center, Ramsey County Historical Society and HealthEast/Fairview

View these photos from Mounds-Midway's past


The Mounds Park Sanitarium established at Indian Mounds Park.


Midway opened on December 17, 1919 at 389 Snelling Avenue.


A dormitory, called the Midway Cottage, opens at Midway: 410 Aldine Street.


Graduation class circa 1930s


Midway Hospital served the Twin Cities for 70 years from 1927 to 1997.


As of March 1, 1944, the black stockings are eliminated.


An Alumni Museum opens at the Mounds Park dormitory.


Midway Hospital - 1960


Mary Danielson, Nursing School Director 1923-1952


Nursing School Directors

  • Caroline Mont, 1907-1908
  • Ida Isacson 1908-1909
  • Nora Torbert 1909-1910
  • Ruth Martin 1910-1915, 1916-1918
  • Margaret Fortune 1915-1916
  • Alma Rydeen 1918-1919
  • Edith Tornquist 1919-1923
  • Mary Danielson 1923-1952
  • Wanyce Sandve 1958-1964
  • Adella Bennett Espelien 1964-1966
  • Jean Miller 1966-1968
  • Virginia Anderson 1968-1971
  • Charlottle Olson 1971-1983