Becoming a Faith Community Nurse

Faith Community Nurse Network

Faith Community Nurse Network

Becoming a Faith Community Nurse

The Faith Community Nurse Network seeks registered nurses who are dedicated to the health and wellness of a church/faith community or community program.

About the position

While each faith community nurse position is uniquely crafted to meet the needs of a specific parish or community program, faith community nurses must desire working with members of a congregation in many ways, including:

  • Visiting members in their homes, nursing homes or hospital rooms
  • Counseling members on health related issues
  • Assisting in obtaining health services
  • Helping members understand the relationship between body, mind and spirit
  • Teaching classes on how to maintain good health
  • Providing health screenings at health fairs and other events
  • Developing support groups with the church
  • Coordinating congregational volunteers
  • Navigating the health care system
  • Walking families through advance directives or Honoring Choices Minnesota

The Faith Community Nurse Network program provides many benefits to its nurses, including:

  • Connection to a Judeo-Christian based health care system
  • Access to HealthEast resources as well as community programs and services
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) opportunities
  • Resource Library: current health ministry books, manuals and videos
  • Research, documentation and outcomes support through the HealthEast Research department
  • Continuing education opportunities: retreats, meetings and HealthEast classes
  • Mentoring, coaching and consulting from the network manager
  • Network meetings and support from supervisor and other parish nurses

A week in the life of a faith community nurse

Examples of common activities parish nurses perform on a weekly basis:

  • 37 telephone contacts
  • 20 church office visits
  • 17 home visits to parishioners in need
  • Two instances of support group development and providing assistance
  • Six referrals to congregational and community resources
  • Three instances of volunteer coordination
  • Nine instances of advocating on behalf of those in need of health care resources
  • 36 integrations of faith, showing how body, mind and spirit are closely related
  • 21 instances of acting as an educator for classes and counseling on health-related topics

These statistics are an average of all churches and community sites within the HealthEast Faith Community Nurse Network.

Faith community nurse manager

The Faith Community Nurse Network program employs a manager who works as a liaison between HealthEast, the faith communities and the faith community nurses. This faith community nurse manager provides orientation, consultation, resources and support to help faith community nurses develop in their role within the church or community program.

An important step in the development of a faith community nurse's ministry is forming a health and wellness committee. The faith community nurse manager educates churches and provides direction and support for the faith community nurse ministry through this committee.