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Primary Clinics

Health Care Home

A "health care home,” also called a "medical home," is a team approach to primary care. It gives HealthEast Clinics' patients the access, support and resources needed to get and stay healthy. HealthEast Clinics are certified as a health care home.

The team includes the patient, their primary care provider, other health care professionals and specialists, as well as a unique member of the care team – a care guide. It can also include trusted family members or friends who are involved in the patient’s health care.

The care guide's role is to help the patient overcome any barriers. Examples of ways a care guide can assist include:

  • Scheduling specialty appointments
  • Providing guidance around medications
  • Helping to manage chronic diseases
  • Overcoming translation barriers
  • Coordinating patient transportation
  • Coaching and encouragement between visits

Many patients can benefit from coordinated, patient-centered care; however, a health care home is especially important for people with chronic diseases, special needs or those who face barriers navigating our sometimes-complex systems.