For Providers Referring to Bethesda Hospital

We value our relationships with patients, families and referring physicians that are critical to the success of personalized treatment and recovery programs at Bethesda. That's the power of accountable care. 

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Offering MyChart Bedside

Bethesda Hospital is pleased to offer MyChart Bedside. Patients and families can use a tablet-based app in the hospital to see their chart, daily schedules, test results, educational materials, get to know their care team and more. Patients are provided a tablet in the hospital or they can bring their own.


Brian D. Amdahl, MD
Pulmonary Disease
Internal Medicine
Alvin C. Holm, MD
Geriatric Medicine
Internal Medicine
Joseph Y. Lee, DO
Internal Medicine
Laura Y. Li, MD

Robert J. Sevenich, MD

Schedule family tours

Call the referral hotline at 651-232-2760 to arrange an on-campus family tour prior to admission.

Refer a patient to Bethesda Hospital

Please have the following patient information available at the time of referral:
Personal information  (name, address)
Medical information  (condition, cause)
Financial information (insurance)

Referrals are subject to an evaluation conducted by a Bethesda Referral Specialist.
651-232-2760 or toll-free 1-800-566-2720

Contact us

Submit referral information to us via our online referral form.

Bethesda Video Tour: Brittany's Story

Bethesda is a long-term acute-care hospital. Patients that come here have a serious injury or illness. Sometimes they have several medical conditions, such as complications from surgery or like Brittany, they’re in a coma.

Watch this video to tour the campus and learn more about the services and care teams at Bethesda Hospital.