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Long-term acute care for medically complex patients.
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About Respiratory Care

Started in 1979, our progressive Respiratory Care program was one of the first of its kind in the region.

Our focus is exclusively on the most difficult respiratory cases. Our patients often have severe respiratory failure, chronic respiratory disability or come directly from an intensive care unit for ventilator weaning.

Oxygen-dependent individuals receive physical rehabilitation and education about their disease. Every effort is made to help individuals live without the aid of a ventilator or oxygen. Our success rates are among the best in the nation. Inpatient and outpatient programs are available.

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For more information on our Respiratory Care program, call our Admissions department: 651-232-2760.

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About our programs

Progressive Respiratory Care is the umbrella name for two hospital programs. Both programs have acute care nursing ratios and high respiratory therapy staffing created specifically to care for patients with chronic ventilator and oxygen dependency.

Our two inpatient programs are for:

Ventilator dependent

Many of these individuals have reached a plateau in their recovery and have been diagnosed as being unable to breathe independently, now or ever. Despite this prognosis, Bethesda has one of the highest wean success rates in the country. The typical inpatient stay lasts 30 to 35 days, and may be followed by participation in an outpatient program or in an ongoing support group.

Respiratory rehabilitation

Patients in this program participate in daily breathing training and education. Patients with chronic respiratory problems receive respiratory, physical and occupational therapy.

Watch our Ventilator Weaning Video

Bethesda's vent weaning rates are among the best in the nation. This video shows how our multi-disciplinary staff works together to help you wean off your ventilator.

Working toward independence

Upon admission to either program, our interdisciplinary team assesses each patient to determine strengths, needs and preferences. We set goals with the patient and family to address some or all of these areas:

  • Activities of daily living
  • Ambulation
  • Anxiety management
  • Community involvement
  • General medicine
  • Grief management
  • Leisure activities
  • Medication management
  • Nutrition
  • Psycho-social adjustment
  • Respiratory management
  • Sexuality/intimacy
  • Spiritual needs
  • Strength, coordination and endurance
  • Transportation
  • Vocational needs

For admission to our Respiratory Care program, potential patients must:

  • Be 16 years or older and undergoing treatment for respiratory failure
  • Be clinically and physiologically stable
  • Need close medical attention and be unable to be served by a non-hospital level of care
  • Have a primary medical condition related to respiratory compromise
  • Require complex respiratory care, including but not limited to ventilator support
  • Require complex intervention by specialized professional staff
  • Display potential for improvement

Bethesda Hospital

Decades of experience in reinventing lives.

Bethesda is a long-term acute care hospital that offers integrated programs for patients whose illnesses or injuries have long-term effects. We provide care for our patients' physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

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