Bethesda Hospital Specialties

Since being founded more than 125 years ago, Bethesda has grown from a small, community hospital to a comprehensive long-term acute care hospital, or LTACH. We're different from traditional hospitals (short-term acute care facilities). While we deliver acute hospital-level care, we also offer integrated programs for our patients whose illnesses or injuries have long-term effects.

Long-term acute care patients are the most chronic and medically complex. Their primary need is hospital care, and secondary is rehabilitation. Patients usually stay 20 days or more and need daily physician visits.

LTACHs provide for these patients' physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs. We offer comprehensive, aggressive and specialized medical care for respiratory illnesses, neurovascular conditions, complex medical problems, and/or physical and behavioral disabilities that require further medical interventions and rehabilitation or behavioral management.

Our patients come to us with a wide range of needs. By offering an equally wide range of services, we give people specific paths to redefining their lives.

Inpatient programs

Bethesda Hospital is proud to offer a comprehensive range of long-term acute care services for patients who have experienced a life-changing illness or injury. Our inpatient programs are focused in the areas of:

Watch our Ventilator Weaning Video

Bethesda's vent weaning rates are among the best in the nation. This video shows how our multi-disciplinary staff works together to help you wean off your ventilator.