Bariatric Education Video 1


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Bariatric Education

Introduction to Surgery 


This educational video program is the first step of your weight loss journey

Welcome to the Introduction to Bariatric Surgery. Throughout this four-video series, you will be introduced to our Bariatric Care team, gain a better understanding of what obesity is, be introduced to the surgery process, review the benefits and risks of surgery, and see a glimpse of life after surgery. Completing this education program is required in order to schedule your first visit with a HealthEast Bariatrician.

How it works

Completion time of all four videos and quizzes is about one hour. Please note: if you leave a video page and come back at a later time, you will need to start the video from the beginning. To access the videos and complete the quizzes, please follow these instructions:

  • 1. After watching the first video, a quiz link will be displayed below the video player.
  • 2. Follow the link to the quiz, fill out the registration form and complete quiz 1.
  • 3. After completing the quiz, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to the second video, along with a link to the second quiz.
  • 4. Follow the link to the video. After watching the video, an access code for quiz 2 will be displayed below the video player. Please write down the access code. Then, using the link from the email and the access code, complete quiz 2.
  • 5. Follow steps 3 and 4 above to complete the remaining quizzes.

Video one: Introduction to surgery