Family Medicine

Boris M. Beckert, MD

HealthEast Maplewood Clinic, 651-232-7800


Dr. Beckert is board certified in family medicine.


Dr. Beckert graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Medicine. He completed his family medicine residency at St. John's Hospital in Maplewood, Minnesota.

Professional activities

Dr. Beckert has practiced family medicine in the Twin Cities for more than 16 years. He is an adjunct professor of family medicine at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine as well as a certified Aviation Medical Examiner.

Practice interests

His family medicine interests include the treatment and management of hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Beckert has particular interest in men's health, specializing in a vasectomy procedure that requires no needle, scalpel or stitch.

Personal interests

In his free time, Dr. Beckert enjoys sailing, photography, travel, tandem cycling and skiing.

Personal statement

"I believe health care is a collaboration between the physician and the patient. I am committed to treating my patients with the care and knowledge I would apply to my own family or friends."