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Long-term acute care for medically complex patients.
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This unique program is geared specifically to effectively treat concurrent medical and behavioral illness in the older adult patient. Here, patients receive the medical and psychological care they need in a safe and nurturing environment. We’ve specialized in this care since 1993.

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The program's goal is to safely return a patient to their home or an alternate setting. Individualized treatment is emphasized, as is sensitivity to the patients’ emotional needs.

Establishing and maintaining a structured environment and daily routine is found to be very important for persons with dementia or cognitive impairment. Therapy groups are led each day by occupational therapy and recreation therapy for ongoing assessment of each patient and to promote behavior management. Meal times and rest/wake times are consistently scheduled to provide a familiar flow to the day and to balance activity time with rest.

Throughout their stay, patients are cared for by a trained interdisciplinary team of professionals. The team first assesses behavioral and medical needs then develops an individualized treatment plan. Each day, the patient is evaluated and treatment is adjusted. The team also assesses progress and discharge options at weekly care conferences.

Bethesda Hospital

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Bethesda is a long-term acute care hospital that offers integrated programs for patients whose illnesses or injuries have long-term effects. We provide care for our patients' physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

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